Tips & Myths

This is a hugely believed myth about alcohol, yet it does the exact opposite. Ok, that first glass of wine, G&T, Beer etc. might just ‘hit the spot’, make you feel refreshed and rewarded after a long or hard day, you may let out a deep sigh and feel ‘relaxed’ – but that’s where it ends. Every drink after that just goes to adding to whatever you’re already feeling, be that wound up, anxious, depressed, annoyed, angry – you name the feeling and each drink is going to play on and amplify it – FACT.

For instance, you’re feeling wound up about an incident that’s happened at work, you’ve been told off by the boss for something that wasn’t your fault, or a colleague was rude or dismissive to you, so you pop to the pub for a relaxing drink and end up having more than you should, and before you know it you’re crying, shouting, drunk texting exes or enemies, saying things about people you really shouldn’t, flirting with a stranger, being the loudest person at the table – the list is almost endless, but if you’re a drinker you know exactly what I’m talking about, because you’ve done at least one of those things drunk.

I’ve been there…

You’ve been there…

Every drinker has been there.

Basically, after that ‘one too many’ your behaviour is out of the box and heading towards out of control. You are about as far from relaxed as it’s possible to be.

It’s time to stop this myth.

Stop right now believing this, and start exploring how you actually react after consuming alcohol. Learn about yourself, listen to yourself, watch yourself, and start by changing yourself. Have a long conversation with yourself about how you drink to deal with stress, anxiety, pressure etc., and then explore with yourself what you can do to change this.

Ok, you can’t go out and change the world, you can’t change everyone’s belief in this myth, but you can change yourself and your own thinking.

Step one – don’t pick up a drink. It sounds simple, but I know it isn’t. But it really is the first step to changing your belief in this myth.

Don’t go to the pub.

Don’t buy that bottle of wine or gin on the way home.

Make yourself a cup of strong tea, eat sweets and treats if you have to, go for a walk, phone a friend, have a long bath or shower, go to the cinema…

do ANYTHING to not drink the first stress-related drink, and start busting that Myth in your life.

And Good Luck x