Welcome to Living Alcohol Free

Sobriety is a Way of Life

Once you decide to give up alcohol, eliminate it from your life completely, you’re starting on a journey that will last a life-time; a journey full of challenges and uphill struggles that will see you digger deeper into your own resources than you probably ever have before – but the rewards – oh the rewards are huge, boundless, amazing, and so satisfying.

Each of us decides to eliminate alcohol from our lives for different reasons, be that because it’s become a problem, has started costing you more than money, just isn’t fun anymore, for medical reasons, or you’re embarking on a healthier lifestyle all round. Whatever your reason, I’d like to welcome you to the world of living and being sober, and I hope you’ll enjoy my stories, tips & inspirations, and my blog that’ll tell you all about me, my past, my decision to stop drinking, my journey to sobriety, and my life now, Living Alcohol Free.

I hope that something in here resonates with you, that you find inspiration, motivation, and a sense of support if you need it.

Welcome to my world x

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