First Blog…

Welcome to my Living Alcohol Free blog. This is my first blog on this site, and it’s really just an introduction, to say hello, and that you’ll visit from time to time to read my shared stories, experiences, and thoughts.

There’s no sequence to these ramblings and writings, I’ll just be typing out what’s in my head – and today my main thought has been on how being sober is not something you just achieve by stopping drinking, and sobriety doesn’t mean just being physically not being drunk or hungover – no, it’s much, much more than that, as I’m discovering. Sobriety is a never ending journey and a dedicated way of life. Yes, it means putting down the bottle and giving up the booze, but it also means checking our behaviours, our thought patterns, our attitudes, and our way of life.

The longer I’ve been sober the more I recognise that it wasn’t just drinking that was a bad habit : my actions and reactions to things, people, and situations were also repetitive, and my answer to everything was to just drink. I realise and recognise that I didn’t stop and consider situations with clarity; I jumped into a glass of wine, then a bottle, then another, and let the situation get totally out of hand, out of control, or I completely ignored it in the hope that it would change and go away on its own. Of course, neither of those approaches changed a thing, and more often than not they made the situation a lot, lot worse, or at best, unchanged.

So sobriety to me now also includes changing my addictive behaviour patterns and habits, not doing the same things over and over again, and teaching myself to take responsibility for my actions and reactions soberly, with thought, planning, and not least, with dignity.

Sobriety is a Way of Life….

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