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Don’t Give Up…

Can you imagine a scenario where someone who’s addicted to crack, cocaine, heroin, or even gambling, to the point where it’s destroying their life and their loved ones’ lives, turned to friends and family and said “I’m giving up (insert addiction here) because it’s destroying me” and they weren’t embraced with anything other than sheer … Continue reading “Don’t Give Up…”

Feel the Feeling

As the amount of time I’ve not been drinking increases, so do all the things I realise I am, alcohol-free. I’ve discovered I’m not actually as angry as I thought I was, not as sad, nowhere near as depressed, hugely less outrageous, not a risk-taker, and, thankfully, far less mouthy. But one thing I realise … Continue reading “Feel the Feeling”

Time for Change

This morning while making my coffee I got to thinking about how much things have changed in my life – little things and big things, and more importantly, about how much I’ve changed in the last couple of years. And then I thought, “Have I actually changed? Or have I grown into the person I … Continue reading “Time for Change”